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Filtration in breweries

Filterflo proposal for conventional breweries:

  • Trap-filters downstream diatomaceous earth filters: SV series of sanitary filter housings provided with StarFine pleated filter elements. Porosity between 20 and 50 micron


  • Microfiltration whenever pasteurization is not performed: Two SV series sanitary filter housings in series, the first provided with StarFine pre-filters with porosity 0.6 micron, the second one provided with MicroFine membrane filter elements with porosity 0.45 micron


Filterflo proposal for micro-breweries:

  • Filter sheets as historical method of clarification
  • As reliable and hygienic alternative because pressurized, MRS1 series of bag filter housings provided with filter bags or the innovative MultiFine filter element, designed to fit almost all bag filter housings and offering ten times the filter area of a conventional filter bag